Our Reason

In America, 11 of us die from
an overdose every hour.

Today, 264 of our families will hear this tragic news.

As a homeless individual, we are expected to die by 50 years old.

27 Years

We are expected to die 27 years before the average person in the US.

Last Time

When you see one of us homeless, it may be for the last time.

One of us dies from lack of food
every 3.6 seconds

Today, 24,000 of us will die of this.

Poor health literacy is the biggest predictor of death, after smoking.

Many of us, therefore, lack what we need to make informed decisions about our health.

781 million of us could die because of illiteracy.


It's a matter of life and death—that we plan to end.

We exist to defeat preventable death.

We need to see humanity succeed.