Meals and Nutrition

Soup Kitchen, coming soon.

works with our Health & Wellness

We can help you and your family avoid hunger. Providing hearty meals, assisting with medicine, and promoting better outcomes are part of our commitment.

A Hot Meal.

We believe in feeding you and your family soulful, nourishing food handmade with love. Plus, we serve meals without conditions—so, come through.


If you take medicine, you often need food with it. We make sure you are eating properly and taking your medication as prescribed.

Etiquette Academy.

With our program, you'll learn how to substitute sugar and limit portions, as well as how to use utensils and behave at the table. With us, you'll know how to eat anything, from formal dinners to casual meals.

I'll Take a Class 


works with our Advocacy & Assistance

Get food stamps by having one of our advocates help you.