Harm Reduction

Syringe Services


Exchange used syringes for new ones, ensuring you have a clean supply for every injection.


Receive safe supplies discreetly packaged to protect your privacy.


Learn safe injection practices to reduce the risk of HIV, HEP C, and other infections.  

Collection and Disposal.

Drop off used syringes at our sites, even if you're not affiliated with us.

Community Safety:
We're actively removing syringes from community sites to enhance safety for all.

Safe Supplies Distribution

Narcan (Naloxone)

Reverse overdoses and save lives in critical situations.

Fentanyl and Xylazine Test Strips

Test for the presence of specific substances to aid in making informed choices.

Sterile Syringes

Reduce the need to share equipment, minimizing transmission risks. 

Syringe Containers

Dispose syringes safely and responsibly. 

Safer Smoking Equipment

Reduce the need to share equipment, minimizing transmission risks. 

Sterile Cookers and Filters

Reduce the risk of infection and injury related to preparing substances and sharing equipment.

Wound Care items

Self-clean, prepare, sanitize, and dress your skin, ensuring proper wound care. 

Sterile Works

Reduce the risk of HEP C transmission. 


Protect yourself from STIs and unwanted pregnancy.


Protect yourself from COVID-19. 

Rapid Tests

Test quickly for multiple viruses, enabling timely response. 

Plan B Pill

Prevent unintended pregnancies.

Clean Water and Hygiene Supplies

Community Outreach and Engagement

We actively engage with drug-impacted communities, raise awareness about risk reduction, and build trust with individuals who may benefit from your services.

Overdose Prevention and Response

⭒ We believe in proactive measures to prevent overdoses, providing essential supplies, training, and care to protect our communities from substance use harm.
⭒  Creating a team of community responders to reverse opioid overdoses and end overdose deaths, providing life-saving aid in crises.

Peer Support, Advocacy, and Assistance for People Who Use Drugs (PWUD)

works with our Advocacy & Assistance

⭒ Addressing barriers to risk reduction, including basic needs such as housing and food access.
Offer assistance and advocacy for legal issues related to substance use
⭒ Linkage to needed health care services, including addiction treatment, and other community supports.
⭒ Offering individual and group sessions to provide support.


⭒ Viral Hepatitis 
⭒ STIs
⭒ Safe Supplies Use
⭒ Safer Injecting
⭒ Safer Snorting and Smoking
⭒ Safer Sex Practices
⭒ Safe Disposal of Drug-Related Equipment
⭒ Overdose Education
⭒ Naloxone Education and Training 
⭒ Harm Reduction for Opioids
⭒ Harm Reduction for Stimulants
⭒ Harm Reduction for Marijuana
⭒ Harm Reduction for Alcohol

Integrated Health Services

works with our Health & Wellness


⭒ HIV 
⭒ Viral Hepatitis 
⭒ COVID-19 
⭒ STIs
⭒ Pregnancy 
⭒ Blood Sugar


⭒ Our nurses can help dress and clean your wounds if you were affected by Xylazine (Tranq) or IV drug use.


⭒ HIV Pre-Exposure (PrEP), Post-Exposure (PEP) & Treatment
⭒ HEP C Treatment
⭒ COVID-19 Treatment
⭒Medications for Substance Use
⭒ Medication Management for Mental Health 


⭒ Hepatitis A & B 
⭒ COVID-19 
⭒ Standard Immunizations