Keep it Simple and Safe (KISS)

KISS is an unwavering support system for at-risk families, protecting them from crises such as overdoses, hunger, and violence. We believe that no family should face hardships alone, and therefore, we provide them with the tools and resources to overcome such challenges and build a safer future--for themselves and their loved ones.


preventable deaths through harm reduction services.


endless support on the streets, linking people to urgent resources.


families above their current needs through social support and job training.


the oppressed by forming movements that empower them to speak out and assert their rights.

Carrying the Crises Our Families Face

At KISS, we prioritize the safety and happiness of families, putting them first in all that we do. We support them during times of crisis, laying a solid basis for a future filled with hope and success.

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The Overdose Crisis 

The Food Crisis


Educational Suppression


Creating Safer Communities

Our devoted Street Team, led by Walter Bell, works tirelessly to establish trust with families in need and promptly connects them to the necessary resources. With their efforts, families receive the vital support they need to overcome immediate obstacles and build a pathway towards prosperity.

Walter Bell

Community Vet


Street-Team Leader


Street-Team Leader


Street-Team Leader


Street-Team Leader


Street-Team Leaders