The Crises We Fight: Protecting Families From All Sides

Our families face a constant barrage of hardships--a relentless cycle of hunger, homelessness, violence, and illness. These crises steal lives, tear families apart, and leave communities struggling. At KISS, we refuse to accept this reality. We are fierce protectors, offering unwavering support and a path towards a safer future.

The Overdose Crisis

Every hour, 11 lives are stolen by accidental and intentional overdoses, drug poisoning, and opioid exposure in the U.S. This epidemic is a relentless enemy, but KISS will not falter. We are frontline soldiers, deploying risk reduction measures, lifesaving naloxone, and vital education to combat this threat. We will dismantle the tainted drug supply and liberate our communities from this constant threat.

The Food Crisis

Millions around the world are locked in a daily struggle against hunger. KISS refuses to accept this injustice. We fight not just for nourishment, but for a complete dismantling of food apartheid. Every family deserves to benefit financially from and access quality, affordable food, and KISS is on the front lines ensuring this right. We won't tolerate malnutrition, malnourishment, or the systemic barriers that perpetuate this crisis. Every 3.6 seconds, a life is stolen by hunger. KISS rises against this outrage, and we won't rest until everyone has the nourishment they need to thrive.

Drug-Related Complications  

Drugs and alcohol are often brutal enemies, tearing at the health and well-being of our families. KISS is a warrior in this fight, providing lifesaving support for those battling Substance Use, HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, and a range of infections. We won't surrender to the scourge of overdose-related organ damage, liver disease, or the mental health challenges that can grip those in addiction. From stopping the spread of shared-needle infections to combating the dangers of Xylazine-induced flesh-eating wounds, KISS fights on every front.

Drug-Involved Implications

The tentacles of drugs and alcohol reach far beyond physical health, turning communities into war zones. Violence related to drugs, date rape, coerced substance use in prostitution, drug-related arrests, and generational addiction trap families in cycles of despair. KISS exposes these horrors, ripping off the blindfold and refusing to stand by. We fight for the safety and well-being of families, dismantling the forces that tear them apart. We will build a future where families can heal and stand strong.

The Homelessness Crisis

Homelessness is a scar on the soul of our society, a symbol of systemic neglect. KISS rejects the dehumanization of those forced to live on the streets, in shelters, or makeshift encampments. These individuals deserve dignity, not disdain. They deserve a chance to escape the cycle of poverty and violence that steals their quality of life. KISS fights for access to toiletries, healthcare, and safe, stable housing. We are the shield for the vulnerable, and we will not waver in our defense.

The Housing Crisis

Gentrification, discrimination, and a lack of ownership opportunities have created a housing war zone, leaving families displaced and vulnerable. Fires, building collapses, and the daily struggle for basic amenities like heat, hot water, and pest control are the weapons used against the most marginalized. But KISS is the shield! We fight for stable, affordable housing, a fundamental right under siege. We will build a fortress of security, ensuring every family has a haven to rebuild their lives.  

Educational Suppression

Illiteracy and a lack of community awareness are shackles that bind families in ignorance. These are the tools of educational suppression, a system designed to keep the most vulnerable down. But KISS is the reverser! We are the bridge across the knowledge gap, dismantling the forces of disinvestment. We empower individuals with the education they need to break free and build a future where opportunity thrives.

The Economic Crisis

The economic playing field is rigged, strangling families with poverty and inequality. This is a battleground where financial opportunity is a weapon hoarded by the privileged. But KISS is the equalizer! We fight for economic justice, dismantling the systems that perpetuate disadvantage. We equip individuals with the skills and resources they need to climb the economic ladder and claim their rightful share of prosperity.

Broken Families and Communities

The fracturing of families and the disintegration of communities are battlegrounds we refuse to surrender. KISS takes an uncompromising stance, dismantling the forces of division, individualism, and marginalization. We expose the historical roots of these injustices and fight for a complete overhaul of living conditions. Our unwavering mission: to redefine the narrative surrounding broken families. We will build a fortress of support, fostering resilient communities where families can heal, forge unbreakable bonds, and claim their rightful place of strength.

Generational Disparities

The shackles of the past will be shattered. Generational disparities are a vicious enemy, perpetuating cycles of poverty, substance use, and the scars of historical atrocities. KISS is a relentless warrior, leading the charge to break these chains. We equip every generation with the knowledge and resources they need to overcome these inherited burdens. Our unwavering strategy? Recognize the unique struggles of each generation, empower them with information, and pave the way for a future free from oppression.

Racial Inequity

Racism, racialism, and racial disparities are instruments of brutal oppression. They strangle Black and Indigenous people at every turn, choking off opportunities for health, wealth, and opportunity. Anti-blackness is a venomous ideology that festers in the hearts of the unjust. KISS is the antidote! We fight to expose and dismantle the systems that perpetuate inequality. We will not allow the erasure of our contributions or the silencing of our voices. Our goal: to build a society where equity and justice become the law of the land.


Ageism against youth is a war crime on multiple fronts. Society discards our future leaders and innovators, treating them as expendable pawns. Existing programs and systems exploit them as cheap labor or profit generators, hindering their potential instead of nurturing it. Unfounded prejudice paints all youth with the same dismissive brush, a weapon used to silence their voices and stifle their progress. KISS is the opposer! We are the shield that defends our youth, dismantling the systems that exploit and marginalize them. We fight for their safety, well-being, and a future free from violence, prejudice, and exploitation. We will not allow the silencing of the next generation's contributions. 

Interpersonal Violence

For KISS, our battle against violence encompasses fentanyl weaponization, drug-related violence, gun violence, gang violence, youth-related violence, sexual violence, racial violence, gender-based violence, and human trafficking. KISS commands a shift towards a safer, more just society where violence against the vulnerable is not tolerated. 

Structural Violence

Mass Incarceration

In the fight against mass incarceration, KISS takes a commanding and heroic stance, advocating for restorative justice and reform. Our goal is to break the cycle of systemic confinement, which has its roots in historical racial discrimination, ensuring that individuals affected by incarceration have the opportunity for redemption, advocacy among the wrongly accused, and a dignified life. We will not rest until every person who the system has wronged has the opportunity to be heard and have their story of redemption heard. 

The Sex Trade

At KISS, we shine a light on the often obscured and tragic challenges faced by individuals in the sex trade. We recognize the urgency of addressing this crisis, releasing those trapped in its grip. Less than 1% of the estimated 21 million trafficking victims are being identified, highlighting a global neglect in recognizing and protecting them. This stark reality emphasizes the dire situation faced by the vast majority, unable to leave or control who touches their bodies. The mortality rates among those in prostitution are alarming, with violence and drug use being predominant causes of death. The crisis remains vastly understudied but is unequivocally one of the most urgent and widespread challenges of our time. We recognize prostitution as a violence against humanity and a weapon.

Grief and Bereavement

In acknowledging the profound impact of grief and bereavement, KISS approaches this issue with dignity and action. We stand as a pillar of support, providing resources and assistance to those who have been tragically affected by the above crises. Our commitment is unwavering, understanding that addressing grief is crucial in our mission to defeat preventable death and build a future where humanity can succeed. 

Health Disparities and Chronic Illness

At KISS, we confront the critical issues of health disparities and inaccess with a dignified and magisterial approach. We recognize the systemic barriers that lead to unequal health outcomes, impacting marginalized communities disproportionately. Our commitment extends to dismantling these barriers, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, has equitable access to quality healthcare. Through innovative grassroots solutions and community-driven initiatives, KISS strives to create a world where health disparities are eradicated, and everyone can access the care they need to thrive. 

How We Solve Our Crises

KISS takes a multi-pronged approach to address our crises:

Direct Support

We provide outreach services, safe supplies, nutritious food, healthcare, shelter, and other essential support to those in need.


We fight for systemic changes that empower marginalized families and communities.

Community Development

We foster unity and create opportunities that break the cycle of disinvestment and disrepair prevalent in our communities.

Education & Training

We equip individuals facing hardship with the skills to build a successful and fulfilling life.

Harm Reduction

We employ community-informed strategies to reduce substance-related risks.

Let's end the cycle of crisis. Let's build a safer future for our families. Together.

Become a Survivor
At the Kingsbridge Underpass, a Black man wearing a neon green safety vest and protective gloves holds a case containing used syringes.

Syringe Cleanup: Reclaiming Our Streets and Protecting Our Health

In the Kingsbridge area alone, KISS collected and safely disposed of over 100 used syringes. This seemingly small act tackles multiple crises head-on, making our communities safer and healthier.

-- Reduced Disease Transmission: By safely disposing of syringes, we prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases like HIV and HEP C. Discarded needles pose a severe threat to public health, and KISS's intervention breaks the cycle of transmission.

-- Safer Streets: Cleaning up discarded needles protects residents, especially children, from accidental needle-stick injuries. This vital act creates a safer environment for everyone who uses our public spaces.

-- Community Uplift: A cleaner neighborhood fosters a sense of pride and well-being. By removing unsightly and dangerous needles, KISS helps revitalize our communities, making them more welcoming for residents and visitors.